Shuting Qiu graduated with a BA in Fashion from the acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Her eponymous brand SHUTING QIU was established in 2017, putting forward a signature sense of femininity that features a “modern romantic” woman—a woman who is powerful and independent while maintaining her soft, and romantic identity. The SHUTING QIU woman dares to express herself with asymmetry and experimentation in silhouette, often rendered in rich contrasting colors of silk jacquards, intricate embroidery, and floral prints. SHUTING QIU is recognized by her use of bright and “happy” colors, juxtaposed in an unfamiliar yet beautiful way.

Her BA collection, titled “She Lives in a Wonderland”, was inspired by a trip on the road from Marrakesh to the Sahara Desert. She was touched by the striking scenery of nature and was immediately reminded of the landscape depicted under the lens of Wim Wenders, in the film, The Desert Flower. The female protagonist, Waris Dirie, is portrayed as a powerful woman who struggles and strives against all odds—a persona of womanhood that Shuting wanted to capture in her collections. Reflecting upon her experience of traveling and The Desert Flower, Shuting illustrates a confident and strong woman with a gentle and romantic side.

Currently based in Antwerp, Belgium, the Chinese-born designer is to make her runway debut at New York Fashion Week via the Vfiles Runway 10 platform.




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